Picking The Right Moving Company

Picking the right "moving company" can be a difficult task. There are many factors you must consider when comparing moving companies . Because lets face it you are surrendering most of what you own in the hands of a moving company . Once your stuff is loaded in the moving companies van or moving truck anything is possible. So above all you want to be able to trust the "moving company" you select. We all work hard preparing for the big move so once you select your moving company you should feel a sense of relief not fear. The first thing to remember is that not all moving companies are equal. Each moving company is unique with a unique set of morals and values when it comes to moving. Each moving company has its own ideas of how they should move your belongings. Most moving companies will agree that moving is a lot of work and often they don't feel they get paid enough to do what they do. That is why you will hear about the moving company horrors. However do not get scared, if you use the right moving service you can successfully select the right moving company and complete your move worry free.

Many ask about what makes a good moving company. That can be a complex question. When comparing moving companies there are multiple factors you must consider. Price is the first thing that comes to mind for most when selecting a moving company. However this may not be the best judge of a good moving company. Moving companies know that most will select a mover based on price alone and as a result they will quote an overly low rate to move your belongings. However, when moving day arrives and your items are loaded you will soon discover the moving company truth.

Most moving companies have a number of hidden costs that are only revealed to you at the very last minute once you no longer have options to select another mover. That is why it is very important to ask your moving company very specific questions to discover what the true moving costs are. Some good moving company questions are as follows:

How will you figure out my moving estimate? Will it be an in-home moving estimate?

Answer: Accurate Moving estimates should ALWAYS be an in-home estimate. How can someone provide a moving rate for items they have never seen? They cannot. Moving companies know this put often times they do not want to do the work to give the in home estimate.

Are you basing my moving rate on weight or cubic feet?

Answer: True and accurate moving estimates are based on weight. Moving companies that base is on cubic feet more than likely have hidden charges that you will not realize until it is too late.

Does this moving company rate include all fees and taxes?

Answer: The moving estimate should have line items that show each and every charge for your move. Review all the items and have a signed copy sent to you.

Can this moving rate fluctuate in price or is it a guaranteed not to exceed binding moving estimate?

Answer: Some moving companies will provide estimates based on weight without a "guaranteed not to exceed" clause. That is okay as long as you know that up front. However, it is always better to have your moving estimate based on a "guaranteed not to exceed binding moving estimate." That way you know the absolute maximum amount you will pay for your move. This is a very important step when reviewing moving companies.

Do you provide moving insurance? If so, what are the costs? If not, who can I go to for moving insurance?

Answer: All legitimate and reliable moving companies provide some sort of moving insurance. It is typically a rate multiplied by your moving weight. If, however, you decide to use a moving company that does not offer moving insurance, please attain moving insurance through a third party. Your household goods are far too valuable to just toss onto a moving truck and hope they arrive safely. If the "moving company" does in fact provide insurance you may want to ask to see a copy of the policy rather then just taking their word for it. Once you review the moving company's insurance you can then feel more confident in your mover.

Will I be paying more for my move if your movers take a long time to load the items?

Answer: If your move is a long distance move, then your rate is not affected by how long the moving laborers take. If your move is a local move, then the moving company will charge you an hourly moving rate. In that case, yes you will pay more if the moving laborers take a long time. In situations like that, research the moving company and have them write down in the moving estimate how many hours they feel it will take to complete your move. Always remember to keep good records of any conversations and paperwork that movers or moving companies give you.

When your movers take apart items to load, are they going to increase the moving price?

Answer: Typically moving companies do not increase the moving price if they are to take apart large items. The moving company usually includes that in the moving estimate. However, always ask to be on the safe side. At times a moving company may have hidden cost by taking an item apart and then wrapping it in boxes or other moving supplies and then charge inflated moving costs later.

Will you use moving supplies to load my items? If yes, then will you be charging me for the moving supplies?

Answer: More than likely, if the moving company is going to use some sort of moving supplies, they will charge you. Be sure to get a list of pricing for their moving supplies so that you are not blinded by added moving costs. One way to save money on your move is to have moving supplies already on hand for the mover or moving company. This way they can use your moving supplies rather then their own and charge you too much.

Will you provide moving boxes when you arrive? If yes, then will you be charging me for the moving boxes?

Answer: Some moving companies provide a certain number of moving boxes free of charge. Again, get a price list of all the extra moving boxes they may use during your move. All the little things add up and make your moving experience very pricy.

Does the moving company price cover moving my TV, mirrors, and pictures?

Answer: As long as the moving company has done an in home estimate and has taken inventory of all the items you will be moving, then yes the moving estimate should include the cost of moving your TV, mirrors, pictures, or any other large items. However, if are not able to get an in home moving estimate then make sure that they do not have hidden fees to move these items.

Some movers or moving companies will quote a low rate and then later charge fees for moving specific items. I have heard of some moving companies charging as much as $1000 additional for moving boxes they used to wrap items they were moving into the truck. None of these moving company fees are revealed to you at the time you book your move. That is why it is important to ask the moving companies lots of questions.

Once you get the moving companies to commit to a price then make sure you get the price in writing. Also make sure the questions you ask about what fees are not included are in writing as well. One way to do this with the moving companies is to ask the questions in the form of an email. This way the moving company is forced to answer you in writing. This gives you a paper trail for protection against the mover or moving company should anything happen later. Lots of money can be saved on your move from your moving company just by asking the right questions.

Other factors to consider when selecting a moving company are pricing structure. Moving companies can each do things a little different from one another. As mentioned prior the most reliable form of moving company pricing is based on weight. This is most commonly used pricing among movers and moving companies. You may be asking if weight is a factor in your moving estimate then what is the typical weight for a house.

Typical moving weights are as follows:

Estimated moving company weight chart

  1. partial home move – under 2000 pounds
  2. studio move – 2000 pounds
  3. one bedroom move – 2900 pounds
  4. two bedroom move – 4500 pounds
  5. three bedroom move – 7700 pounds
  6. four bedroom move – 9000 pounds

This is a very basic chart of moving company's weight for a standard home. However, each home is different, each move and moving experience is different so this moving company weight chart can vary. One way to save money on your moving company quote is to move some of your heavier items yourself. If you are driving to your new location then you may want to consider loading your car up with moving boxes packed with books. Moving books are very heavy and thus can cost you a lot of money to have a moving company move them.